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Cute and Unique Flower Planter Ideas

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Even if it's been a deadly sllllooowwww retreat of Winter this year, Spring finally HAS sprung and we're ALL itching to get out into the garden to get our hands dirty. I'm usually hunting down cute and easy ideas that have a wow factor for putting a little special touch into your porch and front yard flowers.

I love incorporating weird items, out-of-place items, junque, and rusty-crusty gold into my fanciful plantings, and here are a few ideas I've done this year and over the last couple.

Simple Painted Stools

Easy-peasy. Find wooden or metal stools at second-hand shops. They don't need to be pretty only sturdy. If there's rust, you'll need to seal with rust covering primer. Use a spray enamel or acrylic, and be sure to seal with a waterproofing sealer when you're done.

For a dramatic display, use whimsical paint colors and try stenciling or mask-taping off designs on the top for unique color combinations.

Use differing heights for the best effect and place flower baskets or art objects on top. Voila!

Tin Pails

Cute for succulents (use cactus soil), petunias even lavender. Make sure you poke holes in the bottom of your container for drainage. Paint the outside or use a stencil or waterslide transfer to create a pretty image (son't forget to seal with waterproof sealant on the ouside only if you do this.

Rain Boots

Find some cute rain boots, drill holes for drainage, pack (well) with 1 inch of pea gravel and then fill with potting soil. Petunias or other trailing flowers will be a good display once hey get going.


Baskets are great planters! Line with plastic, poke some drainage holes, and fill with potting soil. It's best with compact plants like impatients or million bells.

Old Wicker Chair

Makes a great seat for a big, overflowing pot of million bells, petunias, or other trailing flowers or greenery. Spray paint white and water seal, or paint in a whimsical color.

The older and more ornate, the better! Plant climbing flowers like clematis next to it so it can take on the shape of the chair!

Vintage Bike with Baskets

An old bike with baskets of overflowing flowers on the front and rear is just irresistible! Use an old picnic basket lined in plastic with holes for drainage and use heavy wire to attach it to the handlebars allowing it to rest on the front tire. Do the same with a big basket behind the seat, resting on the rear tire. Use trailing flowers, ivys or greenery, along with mounding and trailing flowers for a highly dramatic, cottage look.

The ideas are virtually endless, and these are just a few. Pick interesting focal pieces and surround them with colorful explosion of flowers. It's hard to make a mistake - just don't forget to water and fertilize your lovely new creations!

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