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Christmas 2022

We are off to a fun and creative start with our 2022 Christmas decor. If you havent been to the shop in December, you’d be missing out on some beautiful hand made cheer for your home and vintage nostalgia! I will just say, i usually am busy crafting for months in advance and all during the month too!

i love putting together creative florals and festive greens together with antique and repurposed containers. Sometimes they can be hard to find so i use all kinds of containers for my arrangements. But Christmas is so warm and inviting in the shop, sometimes its hard to see my fave pieces go out the door. But, thats why i am here! I will make more! check out some of the new signs, the decor, the vibe from 2022 season. the shop is open Thurs Fri Sat from 10-4. Or by appointment. I am still working on a few custom painted pieces this month too. If you want to get on the schedule to have your furniture painted, ill be booking through Christmas for January. And if you need something painted before Christmas theres still a chance (though as i write this its Dec 2.)

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